Wednesday, July 09, 2003

there's this perry como song "(hubba hubba hubba) dig you later" that includes within its chorus of a singers a male/female dialogue about WWII. this cheery narrative of what is among the world's greatest tragedies exists, however, more as a light-hearted occasion for a lesson in "hip" talking. Some of the lyrics are as follows:

"say what ever happened to the Japanese?"
hubba hubba hubba "well haven't you heard?"
hubba hubba hubba "slip me the word"
"I got it from a friend who was in the know
it was mighty smokey over toyeo
a friend of mine in a b-29 dropped another load for luck
as he flew away he was heard to say, 'hubba hubba hubba, yack yack'"
. . . i'll dig you later in the u.s.a.

thus what began as the subversive practice and experimental language associated with beat culture is made harmless, all-too-neatly assimilated into the grotesque ideology of white mainstream middle-class culture. nonsense becomes propoganda for american militancy and world domination. today it seems impossible for any subculture to be effectively subversive, as it is so quickly diffused into other cultural fields, turned to fashion, attuned for marketability, etc. -- although the strand comprising como's listeners may lack the hegemony the enjoyed in the 50s . . .

Sunday, July 06, 2003

bought a new computer. an ibook. hotdamn. fuck ibm and their monopoly.
saw some interesting bathroom graffiti in a university stall the other day:
commentator 1: "do you find it strange that people with relatives in nursing homes also own pets? --poop for thought"
commentator 2: "you poop thoughts? i only poop poop."
commentator 3: "you called shit poop."
i was thinking it would make for an interesting study--you know, bathroom graffiti as a discursive practice or some such blather. i know stuff has been done on the fancy kind of graffiti you find on trains, but this is something different. it's not art, but people have these conversations outside the rules of "normal" discourse. these three jokers are layering completely different types of humor in a game of one-uping the previous speaker. oh well, more poop for thought i guess . . .

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

gum chewing
is it just me, or does gum chewing inspire confidence? don't you feel more sure of yourself, a bit cocky even, while smacking down on your wrigleys? or is it more that the chewer is perceived as confident, maybe even a little rebellious? whichever the case (a little of both i think) it can't be denied: gum chewing carries an attitude. and why? does it have something to do with rhythm? sensuality? is it some kind of pre-adolescent sucking substitute? THAT hardly sounds like confidence . . .

Saturday, June 21, 2003

first my gratitude to jessica reyman
for teaching me to skip rocks
across the st. croix, and now
to blog
This is where we blog.

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